Saturday, June 8, 2013

Steampunk Novel Update

I finally finished my synopsis, I think. I may change it. I'm not sure yet. I may have a name too: The Clockwork Dragon. I think I'm going to make this into a trilogy. :) Without further ado, my synopsis:

Princess Opal yearns for freedom and to pilot airships. She learns all she can about fighting, machines, and weapons from her brother and tutors she’s begged her father for. But she realizes her fighting skills aren’t enough the night of her eighteenth birthday party. During the after party for the VIP guests aboard the airship Diamond’s Dream, she’s attacked in the engine room by drunken princes. To her surprise, she’s rescued by Rebel airship pirates. Her life and morals are changed at that moment as she realizes that the Rebels aren’t always the enemy and you can’t always trust the ones on your side. Sometimes the world is more complicated than you were taught.

The airship pirates of The Clockwork Dragon expect this heist to be the grandest they’ve ever done. Stealing from the King of New Britain’s party was going to set them up for a long while. But when they split up, Captain Jack Larken and the engineer Abraham Killion meet up in the engine room to steal parts for their own ship. They become witness to the attack on Princess Opal.  In a rash decision, Abraham kills one of the men and Jack must back him up. They save the princess and make off with their stolen goods before leaving the airship. The princess is forgotten about, along with the dead princes.

Months later, the pirates’ next pillage is on a cargo airship. Opal has run away and is discovered by Abraham in the cargo hold as a stowaway. Opal tells him her name’s Astrid, an airship engineer that has secretly been trying to escape to join the Rebels for years. They believe her and she joins the Rebel pirates. Working in an airship is a dream come true for Astrid and she doesn’t think twice about the pirating life of the Rebel’s she’s become a part of. But when unavoidable war with New Britain comes looming over the horizon, her happiness won’t keep her afloat for long. She must decide who to help: her new friends that know the real her or return to the family that raised her.

So what say you? Lemme know what you think! :)
Off to get my Pandora to cooperate,

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