Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Introduction

So, I'll tell a little bit about myself. I'm a writer and I'm recently working on publishing my first book: This Reckless & Unreasonable Love. I realize now why none of the other things I wanted to do never worked out. God wanted me to be a writer. It's one of the only things that I've constantly done.

My favorite colors are blue, black, purple, and silver. I love my husband to bits and my Savior even more. I have a part time job at a fast food restaurant. It's not great but it pays the bills. And I have time to work on my stories. I have plenty of ideas too, just not all put together.

I love reading too. I have so many favorite bands and singers that I can't name them all. Lol

Anyway, I'll post the website on here when I get the book stuff finished so others can buy it. Here's a picture of the cover:
I think that's it.
Love, Kayley

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